"Join Us"

This picture is scary for two reasons.

First, the robot-alien glowing eyes.

Second, the two kitties are sitting in close proximity to each other.

They must be possessed.

What we doing while listening to podcasts

Max likes the loving, at times, and only on her own terms.

We get a little of that love in the morning, and often, she wants a little while I'm listening to the podcasts late at night. Gotta love that "pick me up right now" look.

The Homecoming Roll

The kitties have a few special ways of saying, "welcome home." Mel, who often rests on one of the living room couch pillows, tends to plop to the floor before doing this roll - on - the - back - while - meowing - and - shooting - you - a - come - hither - so - you - can - pet - me thing.

More on Max's "welcome home" rituals later.

"In vino cattitas."

. . . which translates as "In wine, there is a cat." (Many apologies to Mr. Stewart, my ninth grade Latin teacher, if the tense is wrong.)

I'll keep working on the Latin before I try to trademark the cat'ch phrase, but the pic of Maxie taking in the bouquet as we enjoyed the sunset was priceless.

A Lazy Labor Day

True to form, Melrose woke us up way too early this morning. Why can't he understand that it is a holiday? Funny how we assign human traits and understanding to the little critters. (Someday I'll relate some of the early morning pleadings and efforts to get him to quiet down.)

The morning ritual generally goes like this:

  1. Meow loudly to wake Deb and Chris. If no immediate response, meow from the bathroom to maximize the echo effect. If necessary, dig at Deb's head and knock items off of the headboard. Finally, if nobody has succumbed, drop the A-bomb: Pick a fight with Max to raise all hell in the bedroom.
  2. Demand food. A half-can of Fancy Feast is standard fare. Melrose also gets an 1/8-teaspoon of Miralax (a laxative) to keep things regular.
  3. If the door to the deck is not opened immediately thereafter, then repeat meow torture from the landing. Success is declared when the door opens, and the kitties get to munch on cat grass and sun bathe.
Max tends to let Mel do the heavy lifting, but she is complicit in his activities -- sometimes even an instigator. Thank goodness we love these kitties.

Small Children Are Barely Tolerated

Maxine was less than happy about the invasion of hoardes for the pre-Labor Day grillfest.

The biggest challenge of the day was staying away from rough petting of two toddlers. (Melrose took refuge behind the TV.)

The Spirit of Labor Day Weekend

What better way to celebrate the sweat and efforts of the working world, than to cuddle up on the couch?

In true contrarian spirit, the door to the deck has been open all day. It's been an awesomely beautimous day. Still, for some unknown reason, Melrose has decided to snooze indoors. You just can't win.

In the beginning . . .

. . . the universe was birthed, not in an explosive bang of light and matter . . .

. . . but with an innocent, heartfelt, warming "meow."